Friday, February 12, 2010

Another way to go Green with your jewelry

Our feeling here at Countryman’s Village Jewelers is that fine jewelry is timeless, and it can be handed down to generations.  What a wonderful way to keep family traditions alive and well.  No other item is more personal and valuable than an item worn by a loved one.

However, if you find yourself with more than enough sentimental jewelry there are alternatives to taking these items to your nearest liquidator to have them melted down for scrap gold. It’s very lucrative business for these liquidators; they help those desperate for cash often making the largest percentage of money themselves on this fast exchange.

I suggest that there are other ways to “recycle” your jewelry.
If you find yourself with some items that aren’t relevant to your life style, or you’ve inherited pieces that just don’t fit your personality and   you’re not desperate for cash why take it to a place that is going to give you scrap gold prices?

If Grandma’s ring isn’t something you wish to make into a wearable piece of jewelry for yourself.  Why not look into consigning it?  Here at Countryman’s we’ve found this to be a wonderful way to get these interesting pieces into the hands of those that would appreciate them.  We’ve made a special section in our store designated for estate and vintage pieces. There are wonderful items being melted down and their workmanship will be lost forever.

So before you run down to melt down the family treasures why not consign the piece with us?  You’ll make more money in the long run and this special piece will go on to give someone else a great amount of joy.