Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer is in Full Swing

Oh, the summer night
Has a smile of light
And she sits on a sapphire throne.
~Barry Cornwall

What a wonderful image to paint.  As we enter July here in the Valley we are ready to celebrate the 4th!  In these long days of summer we enjoy all kinds of outdoor fun, long walks, camping, and barbeques to name a few. 

The reality is that most of us have a “vacation mentality” during these long summer days.  While this is a great mental state to be in it’s not conducive in all areas of our lives.  Sadly there are people looking to capitalize on our less diligent state of mind.  Those casual walks we take after a light dinner for example are made in a moment, it’s just a walk through the neighborhood after all, grab those flip flops and go.. Did you lock the door?  Are the windows still open? 

I know being a party pooper is what you could accuse me of, but I hear the heart ache after a burglary.  I know how devastating it is to be violated in that way.  To add insult to injury most people tell me they aren’t insured or don’t have a floater on their jewelry. 

Finding out the inequities of your home security protocol and the lack of insurance coverage is hard information to find out after the fact.  I would implore each and every one of you to take some much needed precautions to ensure you that if the worst case scenario did happen at least it wouldn’t be so devastating.

Don’t put all your valuable jewelry in your jewelry box on your dresser.  It’s like condensing your valuables into an easy to carry traveling case for the would-be burglars.  Instead save that box for the fun inexpensive pieces.  Find a special place that is accessible and known only to you.  Store your special items there if you don’t have a safe, or the bank security box isn’t a viable option. 

Check with your home owners’ policy, and ask your insurance agent about getting a floater on those special family pieces that can’t be replaced.  In most cases he will instruct you to get an appraisal this is where I come in (see, even party poopers can be useful)  I will clean, check, photograph and described your jewelry in detail to assure that if the worst happens you have a chance to get it back, or that you’ll be reimbursed for your lose.  Proper coverage is paramount and the only way to make sure you have proper coverage is to be armed with information about what you have. 

If an appraisal seems to be too extreme for those “incidental” items we also offer the service of photographing your items.  The saying a picture is worth a thousand words couldn’t be more appropriate in this situation.  Call us and we’ll set up an appointment to take clear, concise photos of your items for identification purposes.  

It’s never a thought we like to entertain but it happens, and I would like to avoid these hardships for my customers.  I’ll let you float back into your summer thoughts knowing that we’ll all have a better summer experience when these precautions are acted upon so your days stay bright, safe and fun!


Rhonda Irizarry
Countryman’s Village Jewelers

Friday, February 12, 2010

Another way to go Green with your jewelry

Our feeling here at Countryman’s Village Jewelers is that fine jewelry is timeless, and it can be handed down to generations.  What a wonderful way to keep family traditions alive and well.  No other item is more personal and valuable than an item worn by a loved one.

However, if you find yourself with more than enough sentimental jewelry there are alternatives to taking these items to your nearest liquidator to have them melted down for scrap gold. It’s very lucrative business for these liquidators; they help those desperate for cash often making the largest percentage of money themselves on this fast exchange.

I suggest that there are other ways to “recycle” your jewelry.
If you find yourself with some items that aren’t relevant to your life style, or you’ve inherited pieces that just don’t fit your personality and   you’re not desperate for cash why take it to a place that is going to give you scrap gold prices?

If Grandma’s ring isn’t something you wish to make into a wearable piece of jewelry for yourself.  Why not look into consigning it?  Here at Countryman’s we’ve found this to be a wonderful way to get these interesting pieces into the hands of those that would appreciate them.  We’ve made a special section in our store designated for estate and vintage pieces. There are wonderful items being melted down and their workmanship will be lost forever.

So before you run down to melt down the family treasures why not consign the piece with us?  You’ll make more money in the long run and this special piece will go on to give someone else a great amount of joy.